About Pristine Home Renovations

What We Do

The PHR Team handles all of the details for your renovation from start to finish: timelines, planning, layout & materials, permitting, ordering, vendors, scheduling demo, construction, installation, inspections, and overseeing sub-contractors’ work from our fully vetted network – while you get to sit back, relax, and soon enjoy your newly renovated space.

Serving Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas.

We are licensed, insured, owned and operated by a licensed general contractor who has been transforming homes for over 11 years.

Our Mission

To be the most caring and trusted source in home transformations!


  • A Renovation Team that Cares in North Florida
  • 2 locations: Tallahassee & Jacksonville, Florida
  • Focused services include Whole Home Interior Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, & Bathroom Renovations
  • Projects often include demo, structural & non-structural changes, framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, carpentry, tile, flooring, cabinetry, counter tops, & more
  • We are owned and operated by a licensed general contractor and our company is licensed & insured
  • We meticulously oversee our clients’ project from the beginning to end including scheduling and timelines, engineer reports, permitting, guiding clients through the planning process and material selections, ordering, vendors, scheduling, demolition, construction, installation, inspections, and overseeing any sub-contractors work from our network. While our clients get to sit back, relax, and soon enjoy their newly renovated space.

Our company & employees strive to…

  • CARE … for our families, fellow employees, customers, & vendors/subs 

  • Build Trust 

  • Provide Quality 

  • Create Beautiful Spaces

  • Set & Achieve Goals 

  • Share Clear Communication  

  • Plan In Advance 

  • Be Organized 

  • Be Flexible  

  • Be Problem Solvers 

  • Inspect What We Expect 

  • Create Realistic Expectations  

  • Possess Knowledge & Share Proven Information 

  • Be Empowered to Do the Right Thing