Project - Renovation trends to look for in 2023

If you’re looking at remodeling your home, it might help to look at the popular renovation trends for 2023. A list of trends can help you figure out what you like and what you want. It can also help if you’re renovating your home to list it for sale.

Before you start planning your home renovation project, make sure you take care of all the design work. Let’s look at the renovation trends for 2023 that you might want to consider.

Top 5 Renovation Trends for 2023

1. Spa-like Bathroom

A serene, spa-like bathroom can give you a very relaxing place to enjoy. This has been a hot renovation trend for a few years and will continue in 2023.

Adding a large bathtub, low lighting, calmer colors, and even a stand-up shower can help turn your bathroom into a calm, spa-like space. Even a smaller bathroom can feel more like a spa, with the right bathroom remodeling plan.

2. Multifunctional Islands

A trend that has been around for a few years, adding a multifunctional island to your kitchen will remain hot in 2023. Many homeowners are turning their kitchens into entertainment spaces. It’s an open space with the dining room and the island serves as a bar top with stools, along with an area to prepare food.

Some homeowners are adding sinks, dishwashers, and trash pullouts to the island, as well. There are many ways to create a multifunctional island if this is a renovation trend you want to embrace.

3. Larger Window Banks

Letting in the natural light has become very popular and a large window bank can help. Many homeowners are opting to add a larger bank of windows when they do a home renovation project.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming very popular. A large window bank can become the focal point of a room and let in plenty of natural light. Of course, you can use windows with UV-blocking technology. This can help to lower energy bills, too.

4. Multifunction Rooms

Having some extra space in your home can allow you to take advantage of this home renovation trend. A multi-function room might work for a home-schooling family, those that work from home, or just for those looking for a room they can use for a variety of things.

You can transform an extra room into an office that also works for schoolwork. It can also work as a studio if you are an artist or musical. Dual-use spaces are very popular and help you gain more function in your home.

5. Mudrooms

A place where you and your family can transition from being outside to being inside is often called a mudroom. This type of space can include closets, shoe racks, and more. It can be a place where laundry is done, as well, or it can be designed to give you a space to bathe your pets.

No matter what type of home renovation project you want to take on, a look at the 2023 home renovation trends can help. This type of list can help get the ideas flowing as you plan for your remodeling project.


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