Project - Top Areas to Increase Home Resale Value with Renovations

We get asked this all the time…What areas of our home should we improved to increase its resale value. So here is your answer and some areas to focus on.

  1. The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home and is a major selling point for potential buyers. Upgrading appliances, replacing countertops and cabinets, and adding modern fixtures and lighting can all increase the value of a home.
  2. Bathrooms: Bathrooms are also important to buyers, so upgrading them with new fixtures, vanities, and tile can improve a home’s resale value.
  3. Curb appeal: First impressions are important, so improving the exterior of a home can help it sell faster and for a higher price. This can include landscaping, adding a fresh coat of paint, and making any necessary repairs.
  4. Flooring: Replacing old or worn-out flooring can make a big difference in a home’s appearance and value. Hardwood floors are a popular choice among buyers.
  5. Energy efficiency: Improving a home’s energy efficiency can save money on utilities and also increase its resale value. This can include adding insulation, upgrading windows and doors, and installing energy-efficient appliances.
  6. Additional living space: Adding livable square footage to a home can increase its value, such as finishing a basement, converting an attic into a bedroom or adding a sunroom or screened porch.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all improvements will increase the value of a home equally. The best improvements will depend on the current state of the home, the local real estate market, and the preferences of potential buyers.


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