Why a pre-renovation in-home strategy session is so important

Deciding to renovate your home means you will have many things to take care of. You have to figure out your budget, how you want to renovate, where you will get the funds from, and what your home will look like after. This can be a lot to handle, but a pre-renovation, in-house strategy session can help with some of it.

Within this type of session, you will communicate your goals with your home renovation company. This will include talking about the design ideas you might have and the construction elements you want to incorporate.

A good home renovation company will provide a 3D rendering to help you see what your renovation will look like. Plus, you will get an estimate for the project, at this time.

Before you enter into the pre-renovation portion of your project, you should understand what to expect. Here are a few things to expect during the in-home strategy session.

How Long Will an In-Home Strategy Session Last?

It’s common for an in-home strategy session to last about an hour. You might get more time, if necessary, but often an hour is enough time to communicate your goals, get a 3D rendering, and receive an estimate for the project.

What will the cost of an in-home strategy session be?

The cost can vary a bit from one company to another, but it’s usually around $299 for this session. For most home renovation projects, the in-home strategy session is key to figuring out how to proceed with the project.

Will the In-Home Strategy Session Include a Schedule?

While you might not receive a detailed schedule for your project during an in-home strategy session, it’s not uncommon to discuss the timeframe, at least a little bit. The final project start date will be discussed and set during the planning and selection phase.

Will the Estimate Provided be Accurate?

Yes, when you go through an in-home strategy session, the estimate you receive will be accurate. However, this does not mean it’s set in stone. As you go through the planning and selection phase, you will finalize the costs and the original estimate may be adjusted.

This is important to understand as you might change your mind as you select materials, fixtures, and other things. Your estimate during the in-home strategy session will be based on the current ideas and items you’re considering.

Why is the In-Home Strategy Session so Important?

This is where the home renovation process becomes real. It’s likely going to be the first thing you pay for and it will help you see your ideas in a 3D rendering. Before you go through the in-home strategy session, your home renovation is just an idea.

Plus, this part of the process will help you start thinking about some of the upcoming decisions. With an estimate for the project, you can start thinking about adjustments and priorities to better fit your budget and needs.

If you’re planning a home renovation project, these are some of the things you can expect during the pre-renovation, in-home strategy session.


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